Why does this website exist?

The idea of DJ Internet occurred to me over many shared apartment parties and I'm sure this website will make the upcoming parties a lot lot better!

Spontaneous party and no music there?

Already played through the whole library?

"I do not find the song here..." "Look for it at Youtube!"

Only half the songs and long pauses to load the next?

DJ Internet will save you!

DJ Internet plays your songs, as many as you want, whenever you want. The huge archive of Youtube® has almost every Song "on board". Anyone can turn on what he wants and the rest of the party gets the finest music without interruption!

DJ Internet is a non commercial project, send to your friends just a Link - savior of the party is for everyone! If you have any suggestions or you noticed an error: Write me! You can find contact information in the Credits

Modern technology & Inspiration

A 'special' fascination to me was the use/learning of latest internet technologies during the creation of this site. A bunch of (OpenSource-) libraries, interfaces and services is used within this website.

And as always in the internet age, somebody had almost a similar idea - I've found a big inspiration in Jake Elliott's works. Thanks, unknown guy from the other side of the world!

For the gracious nerd: The most important are jQuery, jQuery UI, <swfobject>, Google AJAX Search API, PHP, YouTube JavaScript player API, Paypal and Spreadshirt