HELP! I don't get it!

Search for your favorite song.

In the search box at the turntable, you can enter a song or a band. Then click "Search". Now appear thumbnails of found videos. If you move the mouse over an image, the name of the video found appears below.

Start your song.

To start a song, simply click on one of the thumbnails. Now the song is loading in the Youtube®-Player above. How far the song is already loaded, you see the little red bar next to the Play button. In a slow Internet connection you have to switch back again to pause and wait a moment. But you know that!

Search a second song, while the first is played.

During the first song is playing, you can now easily find a new song in the second search box and start it already. Pause the new Song directly. Now you see how it loads.

Mix in the new Song without interruption.

When the first song is almost over, start the second song and move the volume slider in the direction of the second player. Now you can can search a new song.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can't I find a particular video?

DJ Internet is running your search over a Google search interface directly in the database of Youtube®. All videos that you obtain through this site are coming directly from Youtube®. If the video you want is not available there, it can't be found / played at DJ Internet.

Can I also search on other video platforms?

Currently, the search is limited to Youtube®. Maybe it's possible in the future also to access other platforms. If you have special requests about this, please write us an eMail!

Why is my browser or operating system not supported?

Meanwhile, there are so many browsers and operating systems that it is only at great expense possible to develop and test all possible combinations. DJ Internet focuses on the most popular systems and hopes to be able to bring fun to as many people as possible.

The following operating systems are supported:
- Mac OS X (from Version 10.4) (recommended)
- Ubuntu (from Version 9)
- Windows (from Version XP)

The following browsers are supported:
- Mozilla Firefox (from Version 3.5) (recommended)
- Apple Safari (from Version 4)
- Google Chrome (from Version 3)
- Internet Explorer (from Version 7)

Opera is currently not supported because there is some unexplainable problem with the search function.

Why do I still sometimes hear the sound softly from the other video?

Sometimes a display error appears in the browser. This can easily happen especially if you move the mouse too fast when you slide the volume slider. Then the slider is already moved all over to the "loud" side, the volume of the "quiet" side is, although it looks like that, not yet turned down completely.

To avoid this problem, don't move the slider too quickly. Whether the sound is really muted, you can always check with the volume icon in the Youtube® player:

Can I get my T-Shirt or top in a different color?

Of course! In the Supporter Shop you can select in the "product details" all available colors for your shirt:

Note that a black print is difficult to see on a dark shirt / top. There is the Headflower Logo therefore in a "white" version, please select this for a dark T-Shirt!

Right now, the Shop is only available in German. If you need help, please contact us by eMail!

How do I update my Flash player version?

You'll get the current version of Adobe Flash Player® as a free installation package under

Is it possible to use DJ Internet without online connection?

DJ Internet connects directly via the Internet with the Youtube® video database and therefore needs to operate a permanent online connection.

Can I use Internet DJ in my pub / club / clubhouse, etc.?

Of course you can also use Internet DJ here for free. Please remember the legal requirements in case of a "public performance". If you have earned money at an event , think of donating a small amount to DJ Internet to offset operating costs. For details, check Donate.